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We are delighted to announce the Employee of the Month award for January. This month, we were privileged to acknowledge three exceptional individuals, each excelling in their respective roles.

1. Robert King, Production at Fire Glass Midlands:
Robert, nominated by Laura Shaw, Operations Assistant, for his remarkable commitment, setting an example for everyone at Fire Glass Midlands. His thorough approach to tasks and genuine desire to making a positive impact has not gone unnoticed. Robert’s ability to assess situations comprehensively, find solutions, and share his insights with his team demonstrates his commitment to continual improvements for the Midlands branch, its staff, and their customers.

2. George Vallentyne, Transport and Production Assistant, Fire Glass South:
George’s journey from order processing to becoming a Transport and Production Assistant has been spectacular. In just three months, he has emerged as a superstar in his role. George is the primary point of contact for all delivery-related matters, earning praise from both customers and management. His adept handling of responsibilities and positive rapport with the transport and production managers has solidified his reputation as someone to watch in the future. George’s dedication and proficiency has undoubtedly contributed to the success of Fire Glass South.

3. Jade Lashford, Sales and Estimating, East Sales Region:
Nominated by Samantha Hawthorne, Operations Manager, Jade has demonstrated unwavering positivity and enthusiasm despite challenging circumstances. Throughout a period of uncertainty due to change within the sales team, Jade remained a beacon of optimism. Her commitment to completing tasks and excellent communication skills have significantly contributed to the success of the current sales push. Jade has consistently delivered exceptional branch figures for East and has provided a solid foundation for sustained work and sales, earning her well-deserved recognition.

Congratulations to Robert King, George Vallentyne, and Jade Lashford for their contributions. Your dedication and outstanding performance have significantly impacted your respective branches and set a high standard for excellence within the company. Thank you for embodying the values that make our company exceptional. Well done!

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