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During our recent quarterly Branch Manager review meeting, we had the privilege of participating in a training session led by Dave Williams, a distinguished number 1 best-selling Author and an award-winning Master Coach. 

The primary objective of this session was to enhance the awareness of our management team regarding the significant influence their behaviour wields on the employees they interact with on a daily basis. The session centred around cultivating a positive impact, focusing particularly on the following key areas:

> The reality of where people are in life
> Programmed to focus on the negative
> The most negative letter in the alphabet
> Change your story – change your life!
> Wheel of life
> Behaviour Patterns
> Overcoming limiting beliefs
> The 6 human needs
> Peak performance
> Morning routines for performing at your peak
> Personal priming to be the best version of yourself.

Moreover, the session delved into the exploration of the 6 fundamental human needs, achieving peak performance, and crafting effective morning routines to operate at one’s optimal level. The concept of personal priming to unveil the best version of oneself was also emphasised.

The feedback we received from the team subsequent to the session was overwhelmingly positive. Expressing their enthusiasm for implementing the insights gained from the training within their respective branches. They acknowledged the potential to bring positive changes within their teams by putting these ideas into action.

Given the resounding success of this training, we are now planning to introduce additional development training and coaching initiatives later in the year.

Learn more about Dave and his work at https://www.davewilliamscoaching.com/

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