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Delivery wizard

Recent investments at Fire Glass UK include Fleet Wizard. The route optimisation software can be used for deliveries across all branches.

The software is an ‘add on’ to the existing Gtrak delivery manager that we have used since 2018 and will give the following benefits to Fire Glass UK:

  • Automatically plan delivery routes in the most efficient and cost effective way
  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint by saving on fuel cost and using less paper.
  • Monitor driving time / driver costs
  • Allow live analysis of deliveries as they are made through the working day

The benefits we can pass on to our customers will allow for better, more precise delivery times as we are able to provide a more accurate time of arrival to customers based on tracking where vehicles are currently on route. We can also provide electronic proof of deliveries, that can be sent immediately on the customer signing for delivery which is signed for on smartphones allowing to cut down on physical paperwork. The improved accuracy of our route planning will allow customers to receive deliveries earlier.

The software is expected to be fully functional during November and we hope that it will help us to save time and manage our fleet of vans and trucks more efficiently.

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