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At Fire Glass, excellence is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. Every day, we are fortunate to have passionate individuals who go above and beyond to make a difference in our company. This month, we are delighted to spotlight someone whose dedication, innovation, and tireless efforts have reshaped our organisation – Paul Cartwright, our second Employee of the Month for September.

Paul joined the Fire Glass team in January 2019, and since then, he has ignited a spark of enthusiasm within our marketing department that has been truly remarkable. With a rich background as a web developer, Paul’s innovative contributions have significantly elevated the efficiency of our entire organisation, allowing us to work smarter and save valuable time.

One of Paul’s crowning achievements is the successful implementation of our internal system known as ‘Fireworx.’ This comprehensive system houses many applications, including automated email reminders and task management, which have ingeniously streamlined our operations.

Let’s delve into some of the groundbreaking contributions that have earned Paul this well-deserved recognition:

1. CSQ System: Paul introduced the CSQ system for our sales team, automating the process of sending customer questionnaires via email. This ingenious innovation has freed our sales representatives from the tedious task of manual paperwork, enabling them to focus on what matters most – building lasting relationships with our customers.

2. Monthly Health and Data (MHD) System: Thanks to Paul’s expertise, our SHEQ/HR department now enjoys countless hours saved and reduced paper and printing costs. The MHD system has transformed our paper-based processes into an efficient online version, complete with automatic email notifications for all employees at the start of each month.

3. User Details Management: Paul’s proficiency has simplified HR’s challenge of managing employee data. This system seamlessly facilitates adding and removing employees, generating email signatures and assisting in organisation chart reports effortlessly.

4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Tracking: Paul’s innovative system for tracking PPE stock levels empowers branch managers to monitor inventory efficiently. Alerts are triggered when stock falls below predefined thresholds, ensuring timely replenishment and safety compliance.

5. Holiday Booking System: One of Paul’s most extensive projects, the holiday booking system has revolutionised how employees request time off. Despite its complexity, quick responses from approving managers and HR make the process remarkably user-friendly.

6. Daily Task Management: Paul’s system helps employees stay on top of their daily responsibilities, constantly improving and adapting to accommodate changes and additional functionalities as needed.

7. Maintenance Job Ticketing System: Similar to our Marketing Project Ticket System, this innovation by Paul allows the Maintenance department to efficiently track machine breakdowns, record hours spent, parts ordered, and costings to create comprehensive reports.

8. Fireworx: Our internal intranet system, Fireworx, owes its functionality to Paul’s vision and programming skills. It seamlessly integrates all these innovations and keeps our employees informed with internal news, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Paul’s contributions extend beyond the boundaries of his job description. He has built these systems from the ground up, often working tirelessly behind the scenes without seeking recognition for the monumental tasks he has undertaken. His commitment to improving efficiency and his eagerness to assist the company in automating tasks and data management exemplify his dedication to saving the company time and money.

It is with great pleasure that we nominate Paul Cartwright for the Employee of the Month award, recognising his contributions that have had a transformative impact on Fire Glass. Paul, your passion, innovation, and dedication have set a standard of excellence. Congratulations on this well-deserved honour!

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