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Head Office is thrilled to announce that Michael Smith from the production department at Fire Glass Midlands has been named Employee of the Month for June 2024. This recognition is a testament to Mike’s exceptional dedication and performance.

Mike has consistently contributed to his planned work and played a crucial role in educating his colleague, Paul Griffiths about the business and the glass industry. “I’m sure I’ve bored him with relentless tedious questioning,” remarked Paul, who nominated Mike for the award. Despite this, Mike’s patience and willingness to share his knowledge have been commendable.

In addition to his educational contributions, Mike has consistently met or exceeded targets while maintaining high standards of quality and cleanliness. His methodical approach and positive attitude have significantly boosted team morale. Known for performing his duties with zero drama and a smile on his face, Mike has taken on extra work without any complaints, showcasing his commitment and reliability.

Paul highlighted Mike’s achievements: “Mike’s methodical consistency, excellent quality of work, and positive attitude are invaluable. He handles additional tasks without any fuss and is always ready to help. His contributions are highly valued, making him a joy to work with.”

We look forward to his continued contributions. His exemplary performance inspires all.

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