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Fire Glass UK held a dress-down day on Friday 25th February for Jermaine Rhoden, Glass Operative at Fire Glass Midlands’ Nan; who unfortunately had been the victim of a home burglary scam.

A man entered her home under the guise of being with the water board, who asked her to run her downstairs taps on full and hold them, telling her that if they shake, this is just the water pressure and not to worry; meanwhile, he will check the pressure in the upstairs bathroom.

In the time she stood downstairs, another two men have entered the building and ransacked the upstairs, taking approximately £1000.00 in cash and jewellery, though on emptying her purse left her with £2.00 on the side counter.

We were saddened to hear how someone could be taken advantage of this way and wanted to make a small gesture to return some faith in good people to Barbara. So the good folk at Fire Glass held a dress down day in return for a £2.00 donation.

We were able to present Barbara with a cheque for £500.00.

Jermaine said “Thank you so much everyone for all your support and generosity. My nan was over the moon and emotional when I gave her the cheque. I feel proud to work in a team that pulls together for someone in their time of need.”


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