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Fire Glass Scotland is in the midst of remarkable expansion, boasting record-breaking sales figures. Nevertheless, the existing factory space has reached its limit, necessitating the execution of plans to relocate the branch to a new site.

A few years ago, the idea of relocating was pondered as sales started to climb, and it became evident that the current factory was reaching its capacity limits.

The new factory is located on the sames estate but at Unit 15, and it was previously the Edinburgh Beer Company Factory. This location provides a suitable space for the company’s expansion and growth plans. By repurposing the old factory, Fire Glass Scotland can benefit from existing infrastructure, while customising the space to meet their specific needs and requirements to facilitate the company’s ongoing success, and enable them to continue their impressive growth trajectory.

Moving to a new location offers several advantages, including increasing capacity by adding a second Bottero laminated table, increasing stock storage capacity, and expanding the capacity of the IGU area. It also allows for product line diversification by incorporating SLE and Sandblast units, more space to work in, and a proper break room for the team. Additionally, the move provides an opportunity for the branch to push towards the next milestone and allows for the installation of a second crane to minimise any unpredicted downtime.

The design phase of the new factory involved multiple iterations, aiming to maximise the lessons learned from the existing factory layout and incorporate positive changes related to workflow and storage capacity. The planning process was led by Richard Carter, Maintenance Manager, who worked closely with Jonathon Booth, Operations Manager and Barry Lechat, SHEQ Manager, to gather quotes and plan various aspects of the fit-out, including office furniture, drainage, electrics, compliance, signage, fire and intruder alarms, and CCTV.

The moving day is set for the start of September. Once the move is complete, Fire Glass Scotland expects increased capacity, better stock storage facilities, and a more diverse product line, allowing for continued growth and success and a better customer experience.

Fire Glass Scotland
Unit 15, Bankhead Industrial Estate,32 Bankhead Drive, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4EQ

Tel: 0131 526 4141

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