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Factory operatives at Fire Glass Midlands recently completed their Forklift Truck Refresher course. Adam Neath and Malcolm Ferguson successfully completed and passed the 1-day refresher course conducted by Dave Robbins from DSR Training & Lifting Services. 

The course involved pre-use inspection, hazard awareness, observation skills, safe handling, and maneuvering techniques. There will be further opportunities for training and development for factory staff to learn how to operate a forklift truck next year. 

Forklift trucks can be dangerous machines. They can cause significant damage and cause fatal injuries if not properly operated. Therefore, it is a legal requirement that everyone using them has adequate training, which is necessary to comply with UK law and insurance requirements. 

A Basic training certificate is recognised as proof that a person has attended an approved course. However, newly trained staff will still require supervision and guidance from experienced operatives until they have gained sufficient experience. 

To be compliant, all operators must: 

1. have ‘adequate’ training. 

2. complete pre-use checks at least once a week (Fire Glass UK conducts their Pre-use inspections daily, which is the ideal solution.) 

3. make sure each lift truck has a ‘Thorough Examination’ under Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) & Provision and Use Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), which is required by law. 

Forklift truck training and refresher courses are essential for employee safety. Fire Glass UK ensures that their employees regularly undertake this training as part of their job role, as the HSE strongly recommends that refresher training is completed every 3–5 years. 


Fire Glass UK’s forklift truck pre-use inspection involves checking general working parts of the truck for signs of damage or wear and for levels of oil, coolant, and LPG. A machine-specific check sheet ensures that vital areas of the machine are not missed, and a thorough check is completed before use each day. 

Helping us maintain the safety of our employees through the ‘Fire Glass Promise’ of Safety, Quality and Service.

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