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The refurbishment of communal areas, enclosure of communal balconies, and strengthening of existing fire protection in the main evacuation envelope to 60/60 whilst increasing the amount of natural light in two high-rise buildings in Glasgow.

As one of the most significant projects, Fire Glass Scotland has ever secured, the production of this project ran from October 2021 to April 2022. 

Most works was concentrated between January and March this year, featured two of our core products and kept us very busy during the year’s first quarter. 

The building has changed from its initial construction in 1961 to now and this refurbishment is the second large-scale refurbishment of the premises by the local authority after the addition of a pitched roof in the 1990s to eliminate dampness in the building.

Screens and doors featuring our glass have met the required brief, bringing natural light into the building and illuminating the main stairwells and landings. Improving the premises aesthetically and the environment for the residents to live in whilst significantly strengthening the level of fire protection within the building to aid access and egress in the event of a fire. 

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