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As part of Fire Glass’ ongoing charity work, we have donated £150 worth of craft items to Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital Charity (BCH).

We initially wanted to do our usual collection of Easter Eggs. But, we were advised that due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and their healthy holiday’s policy, it meant they no longer accept donations of chocolate, sweets and other confectionery for several reasons, including patient health and wellbeing and a growing number of children who cannot eat chocolate or sweets due to restricted and specialised diets. We were guided to their website, which suggested alternative donations such as virtual eggs, gifts and purchasing arts and crafts from their Amazon wish list.

Crafts are a great alternative to chocoalte eggs as every child can get involved with an activity book or crafting kit, keeping little hands busy and ensuring patients feel happy and fulfilled during their hospital visits. Being in hospital can be very hard for children. It’s vital they remain mentally stimulated and in good spirits, so having a fun activity on hand can really make a difference.

Sean commented, “Everyone at Fire Glass is happy to support the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and all the fantastic work they do, especially in such challenging times”.

If you’d like to further contribute to BCH Easter you can view their website here https://www.bch.org.uk/easter

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