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In today’s fast-paced and competitive glass industry, precision, efficiency, and innovation are paramount to meet customer demands and create unique products. Fire Glass Midlands, a leading glass manufacturer, has taken a significant step forward by incorporating the cutting-edge Bottero Practica Plus CNC Machine into its toughening plant.

The decision to integrate the Bottero Practica Plus CNC Machine into Fire Glass Midlands’ production process was fuelled by a desire to improve efficiency and quality while expanding the range of glass products offered to customers. Bottero is renowned for its state-of-the-art CNC machinery, and the Practica Plus model is no exception. Designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, the machine promises to revolutionise how glass is processed and fabricated.

Luke Abercrombie implemented the installation process of the machine with the help of Jay Carter. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured a seamless integration, minimising downtime and maximising productivity for Fire Glass Midlands.


An essential aspect of any technology implementation is providing comprehensive training to the workforce. Recognising this, Bottero took the responsibility of training the operatives at Fire Glass Midlands on the proper use and operations of the Practica Plus CNC Machine. The training sessions were tailored to meet the specific needs and skill levels of the employees, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional glass processing techniques to the advanced capabilities of the CNC machine.

During the training, the operatives were acquainted with various features of the machine, including its user-friendly interface, automated cutting and shaping functions, and precise measurement capabilities. The training aimed to empower the team with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle complex glass manufacturing tasks, such as creating unmatched precision and creating bespoke shapes and door hinge styles.


By integrating the Bottero Practica Plus CNC Machine and the expert training provided to the operatives, Fire Glass Midlands is now equipped to take its glass manufacturing capabilities to new heights. The CNC machine’s ability to produce intricate shapes and customised door hinge styles opens up a world of possibilities for the company, allowing it to cater to unique customer requirements and offer a diverse range of high-quality glass products.

The enhanced capabilities of Fire Glass Midlands are expected to lead to increased customer satisfaction, as they can now deliver personalised glass solutions that precisely match their clients’ visions. Moreover, the precision and efficiency the CNC machine offers will reduce lead times and ensure consistent, superior quality in every order fulfilled.

The installation of the Bottero at Fire Glass Midlands marks a significant milestone in the glass manufacturing industry. The seamless integration and meticulous training have empowered the company’s operatives to embrace the future of glass processing technology. With the ability to create bespoke shapes and door hinge styles, Fire Glass Midlands is poised to lead the industry in innovation and customer satisfaction.

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