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The University of Hertfordshire project is a substantial undertaking involving the installation of 156 single glazed and 78 double glazed units into bespoke oak screens. Each frame consists of three panels across three floors in both the north and south atriums of the University. All glass panels are Pyroguard T EI30/18-2, which means they have fire-rating properties and can withstand fire exposure for up to 30 minutes, providing integrity and insulation. This project has been installed following Certifire page 56 of CF5204.

The DGUs are further enhanced with 16.8mm Acoustic Laminated Glass, which gives them an impressive Rw49dB rating. This rating indicates that the glass is excellent at blocking external noise, providing sound insulation for the classrooms on floors two, three and four.

The weight of each glass panel differs based on its type. A single glass panel weighs 86 kilograms, while the DGUs are considerably heavier, weighing in at 166 kilograms each. The installation team needs to consider these weights when handling and transporting the glass panels to ensure safe and efficient installation.

In terms of structural support, the glass provides a barrier and line support of 1.5 kilonewtons (kN). This information is crucial for understanding the load-bearing capabilities of the glass screens and ensuring that they are installed in a secure manner.

To facilitate the transportation of the glass efficiently, the project has invested in its own custom stillages. These stillages are specialised structures designed to securely hold and transport the glass panels. Additionally, a site hoist lift is being used to move the glass to different levels of the building during installation.

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