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SPOT OF THE MONTH: Spotted in Unexpected Places

Anthony Stone, Production Manager at Fire Glass Midlands, stumbled upon our glass products in an unexpected setting. While attending his daughter’s class production at school in Tipton, Anthony noticed something familiar about the doors with circular vision panels adorning the premises – they featured glass from Fire Glass UK.

The discovery was a pleasant surprise. Anthony couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride at the widespread usage of Fire Glass UK’s products. The school’s choice to incorporate the company’s glass into its infrastructure speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of Fire Glass UK’s offerings.

Building: Lola Belles Nursery
Location: Tipton
Application: Circular-shaped Vision Panels in doors

Thanks to eagle-eyed Anthony for spotting our glass.

Join in and send your ‘spots’ to us, what is needed:
> A picture of OUR glass products (close up and the overall product)
> Details on the application (was it a partition, a fire door etc)
> Where did you spot it? (Building and location)
> Email: marketing@fireglassuk.com and we might even send you something in return!

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