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Spot of the Month: Fire Glass Shines at Mendip Cre …

When Steven Van Belkum made a recent visit to Mendip Crematorium in Croscombe, Wells, he was not just there for sombre reflection but also an unexpected architectural discovery. Amid the serene surroundings and amidst the delicate moments, a particular detail caught his eye – the presence of fire glass in doors.

The choice of fire glass in a place as significant as a crematorium is more than just a functional decision. It signifies a commitment to safety and transparency, values that resonate deeply with the purpose of the space. Fire-rated glass is meticulously engineered to withstand extreme temperatures while providing visibility and protection, a testament to its crucial role in safeguarding lives and property.

Building: Mendip Crematorium
Location: Croscombe, Wells
Application: Vision Panels in fire doors

At Mendip Crematorium, this inclusion of fire glass in the doors not only reflects the management’s dedication to safety but also adds a touch of grace to the overall aesthetic. In times of solemnity and contemplation, safety still remains a top priority.

Spot of the Month acknowledges those often-overlooked elements that quietly serve a significant role in our lives. The sighting of fire glass at Mendip Crematorium serves as a reminder that even in the most delicate of moments, the dedication to safety and the pursuit of architectural excellence leave a lasting impression.

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